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It's still winter up here in middle Sweden, but the sun is coming back more and more for each day and some days feels like spring. So the sailing season sure is coming closer.

So what's in the pipeline for me and my boat for 2023:

First some work on the boat, some major repair, adding new sails, some regatta sailing and as much cruising as possible.

2022 season ended with a leak, water begun to come in when sailing in more wind. Finally I located some severe cracks in the keel box, and the joint between inne and other hull in the keel box. This is probably an escalating range from a grounding a few years back.
This will generate some work befor the summer.

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Kolfiberrodret, Sweden, June 16-17 2023

Kolfiberrodret is a shorthanded distans regatta 65-130 nautical miles in mid and outer parts of Stockholm archipelago. The race course and exact length is decided just befor make it doable in around 20-24 hours for a mid speed boat. This will be my first time in the regatta, and the plan is to sail with my niece as crew.
As this is a distance race over around 24 hours, dubble handed sailing and in a archipelago with a race course littered with waypoints that has to be navigated it is snowed to be challenging and exhausting race.

A example of earlier race course

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