-  Elan 210

Stockholm Archipelago 2019


2019 was my first summer with this boat, with one trip to Stockholm Archipelago for a weeks sailing. Stockholm Archipelago is a beautiful area for sailing. I loaded the boat on the trailer on a boat ramp in Sundsvall, drove the 400 km down to northern part of Stockholm Archipelago and used a local boat ramp to launch the boat. I used my home built crane to rigg the boat solo, and it worked very well.

The week started with lot of wind, and I had the first day solo before my only crew joined. With a for me new boat, rather overpowered in brisker winds it was a challenge, I had to get used to put in revs rather early. I need to learn how to trim the boat in more wind, and the need for installing cunningham and a way to maintain forestay tension was obvious.
The rest of the week offered nice sailing weather, lighter winds that the Elan 210 really loves. Reaching under gennaker in the beautiful archipelago in nice weather is wonderful.
We came back to the small harbor where I launched and we used a few hours to pack up the boat and get her ready for trailer transport home. This first trip really show that the boat is perfect for me. Easy to load up on a trailer and transport to interesting sailing areas, nice living conditions for two persons even for a week and nice sailing.

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