-  Elan 210

Stockholm Archipelago 2020


In the area where I live we do not have any archipelago, but I live 400 km north of Stockholm where there is a very nice archipelago. This is the main reson for buying a trailerable sailboat, be able to move to more fun waters. So this summer I took the boat on the trailer down south to Stockholm archipelago again. The archipelago is big with so many islands and nice waters to sail. I also have a brother who's family have nice summer house in the north outer archipelago witch I had as base this time.

Sadly, the last day of actual sailing before a short leg next day back to the harbor with the ramp where I left my trailer, I run aground. I passed a very narrow and difficult passage on the way in to the bay at my brothers place, I sailed under only gennaker and run aground on an uncharted rock. It was on the borderline that I should have passed over it, I guess that around 10 cm of water depth was missing as the keel bulb slided up on the rock. The boat came to a dead stop, twisted around 90 degrees and then slided of the rock. Back at dock I dove under the boat, and the keel bulb have scraping marks underneath but looks unharmed in the front. Sadly when the boat came to a stop, the living force in the mast with gennaker put too much force on the mast support under deck and the mast support mounting cracked. At this time is unclear how severe the damage is.

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